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Transition - Year 11 to Sixth Form

Welcoming you to Calday Sixth Form

Calday Sixth Form would like to invite all new students to the school for an induction morning on Thursday 3 September starting at 08:35. Current Calday Year 11 students will return to Year 12 on Friday 4th September.

Before that date, all Year 11 students hoping to join our Sixth Form in September should please access our virtual induction resources. This is a fantastic way for students to find out more about the Sixth Form, its staff and the opportunities on offer at Calday Grange Sixth Form.

Although we find ourselves in a challenging situation, we still wish to welcome you all as students of our Sixth Form, albeit in a very different way to usual. As our future Year 12s, this is your chance to continue to find out more about potential A Level subjects and enrichment choices, how you can be using your time to prepare for A Levels, to meet the Sixth Form team, to hear from the current current Sixth Form students and even find out what you can wear!

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A message from the Head Boy and Head Girl
Meet the Team
Subject and Enrichment Choices
Keep up your Skill Set
UCAS and University Support
Preparing for Sixth Form
16-19 Bursary


A message from the outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl 

During these uncertain times, we wanted to offer some advice for Sixth Form, at Calday or somewhere else. Starting in Sixth Form can be daunting, whether you are an existing student or you’re moving schools, but in our experience, the school makes sure that everyone gets to know each other regardless of pre-existing friendship groups. In Year 12, form groups are mixed to include people from various Year 11 forms as well as new students.

When it comes to confirming your subject choices for A Level, we understand that it’s often hard to be sure whether you’re making the right choice. But in our experience, the school is very flexible when it comes to changing subjects. Given that some subjects are completely new at A Level such as Economics or Law, it can even be possible to change subjects early in the first term if you it’s not what you expected.

One area of school life which we really enjoyed was extra curricular activities. There are so many opportunities across the school that everyone is able to find something they enjoy, and this is a great way to meet new people outside of your lessons. Our advice would be to get involved in as much as you can so that you can make friends as well as get the most out of your time in Sixth Form at Calday Grange Grammar School.

Most importantly, we’d like to wish you good luck with your GCSE results and we hope you enjoy your next two years of study in the Sixth Form form at Calday.

Will and Eleni


Meet the Team

Vicki Storey

Senior Leadership Team -Director of Student Service, Safeguarding Lead and SENDCO

Specialist Subject: English

Fun Fact/ Interests: I absolutely love nature and animals.  I am out walking my dog, looking after my cats and chickens and travelling in my free time.  I grow my own vegetables and really enjoy theatre and cinema.  I also love music of all genres.  I hate intolerance and arrogance. 

Mark Stalker

Head of Pastoral Faculty

Fun Fact/Interests: Love all sports, particularly football. Being a huge Liverpool FC fan the last 12 months or so have been very special indeed. Especially bumping in to both current students and Mr Ward in Madrid at the Champions League final last year! I also enjoy getting involved in building/construction/ jobs around the home and with friends as I like to think I'm fairly decent at DIY but I think my family would probably disagree!

Lorraine Redpath

Pastoral Administrator

Fun Fact/Interests:  I love live music and my favourite bands are The Killers and Stereophonics.  I've got a season ticket at Liverpool FC and went to my first match when I was eight (I'm not saying how old I am now!)  In a previous life I volunteered at a wildlife hospital where I cared for over 100 hedgehogs.  I love animals and my dream job (apart from working at Calday!) would be as a marine biologist.  I hate eggs...except Easter eggs!

Rhys Hayes

Sixth Form Pastoral Leader

Specialist Subject: Physical Education

Fun Fact/Interests: I am a 1st XV Rugby Player at Caldy RUFC and have represented England Counties Rugby. I am also a proud new Dad!

Natalie Magee

Head of Year 13 (2020- 2021, jointly with Kate Owen)

Specialist Subject: Chemistry

Fun Fact/Interests: I'm a Liverpool fan and I went to the Istanbul Champions League final in 2005. Allez Allez Allez! I used to enjoy travelling the world but now I have two little boys under 4 I haven't had as much opportunity. I've taken up running since lockdown and I'm enjoying it.

Kate Owen

Head of Year 13 (2020- 2021, jointly with Natalie Magee)

Specialist Subject: Law

Fun Fact/Interests:  I am a former lawyer and am still sadly fascinated by law, particularly cases from my specialist field of criminal law . In terms of fun facts - I have decided to tell you nothing. Perhaps that means there is nothing to tell and I am very boring, or perhaps there is just too much to squeeze into a couple of lines. Well, you can form your own opinions when you meet me and every day will potentially bring a new surprise!

Colin Lamprey

Pastoral leader – Bennett House

Specialist Subject: Physical Education 

Fun Fact/Interests: In my previous school, we had to look out for Adder snakes, so you guys are lucky! I’ve played a bit of rugby, playing at Twickenham and for English Students and won the Merseyside Sevens with both Caldy rugby club and New Brighton rugby club!

Jackie Dean

Deputy Pastoral Leader – Bennett House

Fun Facts/Interests: I enjoy music, cycling and interior design. I played volleyball for England under 17s.

Nicci Boyle

Pastoral Leader - Glegg House

Specialist Subject: Chemistry

Fun Fact/Interests:  I like to be active - I find it hard to sit still and do nothing! I enjoy cooking for family and friends too and have started to grow my own vegetables to cook with. I’m a bit of a clean-a-holic and like things to smell pleasant- it’s the chemist in me! I religiously listen to ‘The Archers’ on Radio 4 but also camp at the Creamfields Festival so I have an eclectic taste! I hate, hate, hate mushy peas.

Annabelle Sorrentino-Ryan

Deputy Pastoral Leader - Glegg House

Specialist Subject: Drama and Mental Health

Fun Fact/Interests:  I played Table Tennis for England. Love musical theatre but I adore going to watch anything at the theatre and have been an extra for Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and other productions. I hate sprouts and mayonnaise!!

Elizabeth Akers

Deputy Pastoral Leader - Glegg House

Specialist Subject: Mental Health

Fun Fact/Interests: In my former life I was a Buyer for a number of large retail organisations. I travelled all over the world and met several celebrities. The people I think you may of heard of include;  Alan Sugar, James Dyson, Richard Branson, and Andrew Lloyd Webber (who I didn’t recognise-but he told me that I had a quaint accent!!! ). I have a black miniature Labradoodle who barks at bad language! I enjoy cooking for friends, love the outdoors and always cry when I hear “You Will Never Walk Alone“!.

Philip Douglass

Pastoral Leader – Hollowell House

Specialist Subject: Mathematics

Fun Fact/Interests:  I am married with two children. I love doing sports as a family, especially mountain biking, swimming, climbing, running and rowing (not necessarily at the same time though).

Julie Symes

Deputy Pastoral Lead - Hollowell House

Specialist Subject: RE / English, Behaviour/Pastoral Management

Fun Fact/Interests: I am Welsh and proud and a Spurs fan! I love music of all genres. I have  used my love of travel to achieve two of my life goals; visiting Gracelands (the home of Elvis Presley) and riding a Harley Davidson on Route 66!

Sandra Rivett

UCAS Co-ordinator

Speclalist Subject: Biology

Fun Fact/Interests:  I love good food, being outdoors and going for long walks with the family.  I am a bit of a fitness fanatic and exercise every day. Well I need to burn off all that good food! I was a dancer in a former life but stick more with yoga and teaching biology these days. I like spiders but don’t like cockroaches. 

Jan Jones

School Counsellor


Q and A

Please take a look at the video below for a Year 12 Q&A session, which we hope will answer any questions you might have.

Sixth Form QA Video


Subject and Enrichment Choices

Ensure that you have chosen the right A levels for you -

You will also need to select an enrichment activity -

Core Maths

Developed with support from employers and higher education institutions, Core Maths is designed for students who have achieved a grade 4 or above in GCSE Mathematics, but who have not chosen to study A level Mathematics. If you choose to study Core Maths, you will learn some new topics, but it mostly involves maths that you will be familiar with from studying GCSE Mathematics. Where it differs is in its focus on developing the skills that you will need to apply maths to real-life problems that you will meet in study, work and life.

Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives (Short Course) (UK only) (1340)

Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives is a one-year course that prepares young people for positive engagement with a rapidly changing world. Through the study of global issues, learners will explore different and sometimes opposing perspectives and develop thinking and reasoning skills as well as research and communication skills. 

The qualification supports progression to University. In Year 12, you have the opportunity to study the 1340 with an option (in Year 13)  to extend the qualification to 9777.


Don't want your skill set to decline before your A levels start?

Check out the bridging units here.

If you do want to study a subject at Sixth Form  then you should think about the following steps:

  • Make sure you are secure with your GCSE knowledge. You may not have an exam this year, but you still have all the knowledge at your fingertips. Make sure you have fully 'revised' your knowledge from GCSE. All A level courses build on GCSE skills, so if you are not secure here, you will find A level really hard to jump to
  • Try some of the bridging packs/activities. Remember it isn't a race - it is better if you do a little work everyday and keep building your skills slowly. Make sure you look at the links, read some of the suggested books and try to look around the subject a bit. Look out for news items, social media posts or TV programmes that link in with the topic too.
  • Look at the college you think you are going to. See if you can tell which exam board they use - if you can, make a list of some of the topics in your chosen course - it will help you understand and link together the ideas you are looking at in the bridging packs
  • Be curious ... this isn't 'homework' it is learning! If you are struggling to stay motivated now, maybe you need to re-think your subject choices. Learning should be a joy not a chore!

If you can stay curious .... the sky is the limit!

Useful links:

Making the most of Sixth Form 

Thinking about Student Success: time management

Prepare to study effectively - 13 student study tips

Study techniques online course

Improving your critical thinking - helping you to make the correct choice every time

Mapping your pathway to success


UCAS and University Study

For anyone interested into applying to Oxbridge

Medicine: virtual work experience with University Of Leicester

The essential guide to living smart at university

Critical Thinking at University

Motivational/ informative podcasts

Revise podcasts

Also look up podcasts related to your subject.


Preparing for Sixth Form

Starting the post-16 journey

Creating your own roadmap

Time management

Learning study skills

Working (with teachers) as a Sixth Former

Learning to perform

Keeping on track


Calday 16-19 Sixth Form Bursary

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund provides financial support to help students overcome specific barriers to participation so they can remain in education.

To be eligible to receive a bursary in the 2020 to 2021 academic year the student must be aged 16 or over but under 19 at 31 August 2020.

Full details of the scheme are available at