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School Uniform

We believe that many people judge a school by the appearance of its students. For this and many other reasons, extremes of fashion are discouraged and we ask for parental co-operation in ensuring the smart appearance of students.

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Years 7 to 11
Sixth Form 
PE Kit
Purchasing school uniform

Years 7 to 11 

  • A new style of blazer was introduced for students joining year 7 in September 2019.  Students who joined the school before 2019 will continue to wear the old style of blazer for the remainder of their time at the school. 
  • School tie - this should have the coloured stripes of the student’s house, Bennett - Blue, Glegg - Red, Hollowell - Green
  • Plain white shirt
  • Black trousers – corduroy, casual cotton trousers and jeans are not permitted
  • Navy blue v-neck pullover - either plain or with the Calday crest (year 9 upwards Lions logo)
  • Plain black shoes – sports shoes or trainers are not permitted
  • Outdoor coat - a suitable outdoor coat should be worn.
  • Hoodies may be worn as outerwear but must not be worn under blazers.
  • PE KIT - Please see below. A new style of PE kit was introduced for students joining year 7 from September 2019.  

Sixth Form

The overriding consideration is that attire must be smart and of a standard which would be acceptable in a business environment. The school insists that a suit should be worn, colours will be limited to black, navy, dark grey and beige.

Suit Jacket

Formal suit jacket only - suit jackets cannot be replaced by outdoor coats/overcoats, though these can of course be worn on the way to school in addition to a suit jacket.

Suit trousers

Trousers must be tailored and smart.

The following may be helpful in defining what is acceptable; no patch pockets on trousers, no drop crotch trousers, i.e. underwear should not be visible, no drainpipe/skinny trousers, zip flys not button fly, no trousers which are baggy at the thigh and narrow at the calf, no cropped trousers, no leggings/jodhpurs/jeans, no shorts or culottes.

Suit skirt

Formal tailored skirts remain favourable however a skirt of mid-thigh length will be acceptable.

However the following must also be adhered to; no patch pockets/denim, no bodycon/lycra stretch material, no bright colours or bold patterns.

Suit dress

Smart business style dresses are acceptable but strappy/strapless dresses or those made of t-shirt material are not.

Shirt and tie

Ties must be worn with a formal shirt.


Smart blouses must be worn. No t-shirts or vests although these may be worn underneath a blouse.


A jumper or cardigan can be worn. This must be in addition to a jacket rather than instead of.

Colours must be neutral/dark and the jumper must be plain or a simple stripe.

No bright colours, patterns or large logos will be permitted.

Where a shirt and tie is worn, collar and tie must be visible, so the jumper must be V or crew necked.


Shoes must be leather or leather effect. Shoes must be black or brown and toes must be covered. Ballet shoes and smart leather/leather effect boots are acceptable.

Canvas shoes, trainers, pumps, Ugg boots or flip flops are not acceptable and cannot be worn.

Other issues on general appearance

Earrings and a small nose stud are allowed. Ear gauging with thicker plugs will not be allowed.

No other facial jewellery is allowed.

A neat beard and/or moustache is acceptable.


PE Kit

A new style of PE kit was introduced for students joining year 7 from September 2019. The kit consists of five compulsory items.  Shorts and socks to be worn all year round with a long sleeved reversible top for outdoor activities in the winter and a choice of either a short or long sleeved top (students own choice) for indoor games and summer outdoor activities.  A long sleeved hooded top is also included as a compulsory item.  The new PE kit is exclusive to the school and can only be purchased from the School Shop


  • Multi sport short or long sleeved top 
  • Multi sport short
  • Multi sport long sleeved reversible top 
  • Long sleeved hooded top
  • Knee high socks

the following items will also be required

  • Swimwear and towel
  • Moulded boots or football/rugby boots
  • Training shoes with non-marking soles

For students who joined the school before September 2019

Spring and Autumn Term
  • PE rugby shirt (outdoor games)
  • Polo shirt (indoor games)
  • Black shorts
  • Black football socks
  • Swimwear and towel
  • Moulded boots or football/rugby boots
  • Training shoes with non-marking soles
Summer Term
  • PE polo shirt
  • White shorts
  • White ankle socks
  • Swimwear and towel
  • Training shoes with non-marking soles

Students may choose to purchase from the new range of PE kit when they require replacement items.  A mix of old style and new style PE kit may be worn.

The rugby shirt has been replaced by the long sleeved reversible top, the polo shirt replaced by the multi sport top (short or long sleeved), the multi sport short can be worn all year round.  


Purchasing school uniform


The NEW style of Blazer and PE kit introduced in September 2019 are exclusive to the school and can only be purchased from the school shop.  All other items of school uniform, jumpers, trousers, shirts should be purchased from a retailer of your own choosing,  (a list of suggested outlets is given below). Please visit our Online School Shop  to view the full range of items we sell. A ParentPay account is not required to make purchases from the School Shop, credit and debit cards are accepted. 

School no longer stocks the old style Blazer or PE kit, these items are still available to purchase from external stockists – see below for details.   Parents who wish to purchase replacement PE kit for students who joined the school before September 2019 may choose to buy the old style kit or the new style from the Online School Shop 

Online School Shop

During term time online orders are made ready for students to collect from the school shop. The shop is located in Dodd building and is open to students to visit daily.  Please allow two working days for your order to be processed and made ready for collection. Please check the shop home page for details of collection arrangements outside of normal term times.

New Starters

Blazers and PE kit for new starters to the school should be purchased online by the end of June preceding the new school term in September. Blazers and PE kit will be made available for collection from the school in early/mid July. Any optional items purchased are issued to students on the first day of the new school term in September.

Replacement New Style Blazers

Parents will have the opportunity to purchase replacement blazers in the Summer term each year in preparation for the new school term in September. Parents wishing to purchase a replacement blazer at any other time of year should contact the school shop, email:

External Stockists

Items of uniform including the old style of blazer or PE kit not sold through the school shop maybe purchased from other stockists, including but not exclusively from:

Cain of Heswall - 187 Telegraph Road, Heswall, CH60 7SE  (0151 342 4698)

ID Uniforms - 1 Carr Lane, Hoylake, CH47 4BD  (0151 632 7500)

Larry Adams - 7a Banks Road, West Kirby, CH48 0QX  (0151 625 9424)

Wirral Uniforms - Grange Precinct, Birkenhead, CH41 2XY  (0151 647 9588)

Jumpers, shirts and trousers are generic items of uniform which can be purchased from any high street retailer of your choosing.