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Student Services

Student Services provides support, information and specialist services to enhance your son or daughter's experience at Calday.  

Most parents when asked say that their ambition for their child is for them to be happy and safe.  Academic achievement is very important but no student will achieve their potential if they are not happy and motivated; a happy child is a successful child and we aim to be there making a positive impact in all circumstances.  Through interaction with form tutors and the PSHE curriculum all students will be encouraged to become self aware, motivated, and empathic and supportive towards others in our community, developing the social skills to equip them for later life and to master the ability to manage feelings and also develop key skills that will improve the quality of their learning. 

Naturally our students have different needs depending on their age and the stage they are at in their education; our pastoral system recognises this.  For example, in making sure that your son’s transition from primary to secondary school is smooth as possible we visit every primary school and offer a face to face meeting with every set of parents who are able to meet us.  At the other end of the spectrum we provide extensive support and guidance for students through the UCAS application, offering an evening meeting for you as parents to ensure that you are as involved and informed as possible in the whole process.

It is sadly the case that many of our young people will face challenges that are outside any of our powers to avoid including student illness,  family illness, family splits, loss of family members and so on.  The Student Services department, including the form tutors, Heads of House (and their deputies) and the Director of Student Services are here to ensure that your child feels supported in the difficult times.  For students with additional needs we have a wealth of experience and are able to offer high quality support and guidance; we receive many testimonies from parents who are delighted with the positive impact of our support.

We work best when we work in close partnership with parents and students to promote maximum academic achievement and a happy, safe environment. Because it is a partnership we encourage parents to contact us to share situations that are a cause for concern for them at home, academic or otherwise, so together we can make sure that our joint actions will provide the best possible support. 

We want you to know that the pastoral team aim to be with you and your child every step of the way.