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ID Cards

ID cards are issued to all students and must be carried at all times.


Students in Years 7 to 11

ID cards should be carried in the top blazer pocket. They are to be presented to any member of Calday staff when identification is requested. They are used to gain access into the dining hall at lunch and the LRC. 

If a card is lost (or taken by a staff member):

  • You will be able to access to the dining hall at lunch only after all other years have gone in.
  • You will not have access to the LRC
  • If needed, a replacement will be re-printed at the end of each term.
  • Cards presented by someone other than the owner will be taken.
  • Cards taken are returned at the start of each term (or they may be returned sooner at the discretion of the member of staff).


Sixth Form students

The card must be worn with the issued lanyard at all times whilst on the school premises. These cards enable access to the Sixth Form entrance at the beginning and end of the day as well as break and lunch times. This means that in the case of a fire alarm we know who is off-site when registers are taken.

The card also has Examination Card details printed on the rear and are required for public examinations.

Forgotten ID Card 

The student should go directly to Reception upon arrival at school and sign in as a 'Student' (not a visitor) selecting the appropriate options (year, form and name etc.).  A paper badge will be printed and must be worn for that day.

Process for Lost or Damaged Sixth Form ID Cards

If a student loses or damages their ID card they should email stating they have lost or damaged their badge. The IT department will disable the current card.

Replacement ID cards cost £5 and can be purchased online from the School Shop. Please allow 2 working days for the new card to be prepared, the student will be informed by email when the card is ready to collect from the Administration Office. In the meantime students must sign in at Reception and wear the system-produced paper badge when they arrive at school each day.

Please be aware that buying a replacement card will disable an existing card. Students will not be permitted to have two ID Cards.