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School Life

Welcome to School Life at Calday!

Here you'll find an array of information about what's on offer, how we can support you and the wider Calday community.




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Every student who attends Calday is a member of a ‘House’. The Houses combine students from Year 7 through to the Upper Sixth.

The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of Calday Grange Grammar School and is an integral part of our school community. House Captains and School Council members work together to create a stronger student voice and further the community spirit of the school.

The three Houses are named after former Headteachers; Bennett (Blue), Glegg (Red) and Hollowell (Green). 

House System objectives

Our aim is to provide every student in each House with the following: 

  • pastoral support through the Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House.

  • a sense of belonging within the school community

  • opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and practical skills

  • a sense of achievement both inside and outside the classroom 

  • fun and excitement through competition

  • opportunities for leadership

  • an awareness of individual and collective responsibility



Throughout its history, Calday Grange Grammar School has emphasised a broad educational mission: to develop the "whole student." In secondary schools, enrichment involvement is a key tool in this personal development.


For the majority of students, involvement in enrichment activities plays an important role in the school experience. Students become involved in activities not only for entertainment, social, and enjoyment purposes, but most importantly, to gain and improve skills. A wide range of activities exist at the school, meeting a variety of student interests.

We are fortunate at Calday Grange Grammar School to have a committed team of both teaching and support staff who dedicate their own time to running our enrichment program



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Community involvement is integral to our School ethos, an ethos that we strive to share with our students. We actively encourage students to see themselves not just as a part of Calday but also of the wider community.There are many ways in which we support students and you can support our school to offer outstanding opportunities to students.

The school supports environmental and charitable causes and promotes a caring ethos. All students and staff are involved in fundraising for the school’s nominated annual charity. We organise a wide range of events throughout the year, and typically raise well over £20,000.

Calday Support Fund

The Calday Support Fund generates revenue funding to supplement our Government funding and enable our range of sport and enrichment activities to be maintained.

Parents and supporters of the school are invited to make either regular or one-off voluntary donations to ensure that these activities can be continued for the benefit of our students.

We work with the Charities Aid Foundation to collect these donations and they securely process all transactions on our behalf, with Gift Aid reclaimed as appropriate.

Further details can be found on our Calday Support Fund page.





We aim to provide continuity of care throughout each of our student’s school careers. Every student belongs to a form group with a dedicated Form Tutor. Whenever possible, the same Form Tutor remains with the tutor group for Year 8 to Year 11. The Form Tutor is the central point of contact for every student and provides the crucial link between home and school.  The Form Tutor is usually a parent's first point of contact with the school.  

Students have form time with their Form Tutor every morning which is an opportunity for students to engage in a range of activities with their form group, such as: initiative-based activities focused on a particular event e.g. anti-bullying week, review their daily achievement and behaviour points via the school's behaviour management system and to engage in revision and homework tasks.  Students are also taught PHSE every fortnight in their form groups.

Students can also use form time to meet with subject or pastoral staff to address any issues they may encounter in their studies and arrange for the necessary strategies to be put in place to support them.

All Form Tutors are supported by a team of Heads of House and their deputies who coordinate the pastoral care of all our students. In addition there is also a Pastoral Deputy Head who oversees and coordinates all areas of pastoral care within the school and provides support in all areas, wherever necessary.




Over 50% of mental illnesses start before the age of 14 and 1 in 10 children and young people are coping with the challenges of a mental health disorder.

At Calday Grange Grammar School we are ideally placed to recognise and respond to early signs of mental health difficulties in our students.

We take a practice approach to positive mental health and wellbeing for all of our students, staff and parents.

We operate an open-door policy at Calday and there is always a community here to support you during your time at Calday.



Mrs Vicki Storey is the school’s Safeguarding Officer.  

From time to time the school receives information from a variety of sources (children, parents or other adults) concerned with the protection of an individual child from abuse.  This information will be dealt with as confidentially as is possible and made known to the smallest number of staff who need to know.

We deal with such information with sensitivity and care, there are legal responsibilities laid upon the school to report actual allegations to Social Services or the Police, and there are procedures which we are expected to follow if suspicions are passed to us.  


As adults we accept that it is the safeguarding of the child who may be at some kind of risk which is the most important issue.