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Why run?

Put simply to make you feel better both physically and mentally. Physically it allows you to strengthen your body by building up your muscle strength in particular in your legs, heart and lungs. It also allows you to lose weight over time and improve your mental health by making you more resilient to challenges you may face as well as more self-disciplined in being able to organise your life better, be more successful.


At Calday Running Club we aim as much as we can to cater for all abilities. We provide training each Monday and Wednesday lunchtime for all. With additional individual support available from qualified and experienced staff, who have coached young athletes from at all levels of ability including international level over many years.

Why come to the Running Club?

The Running Club is very friendly. You can join simply to get fit. Take part in our monthly Park Run odyssey. Raise monies for charity. Help complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award. Take the sport more seriously and be involved in local leagues and national competitions e.g. The English Schools X-country Cup of which we have been recent finalists. However, overall the reason to come is it is a good place to make friends at the School.

For more information contact Mr Isherwood or Mr Lamprey.

Running Club Fixtures