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Remote Teaching Resources

Calday provides tools for students to access learning from home. Most provisions are accessed using your school Gmail account: [schoolusername]

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is our virtual learning environment (VLE). A VLE is a website that provides a number of basic functions that are valuable in the learning process. A VLE enables students and staff to interact online and contains an array of resources.


Students can:

  • access online learning ‘anywhere - anytime'
  • keep a diary and task list
  • collaborate with teachers and other students through email, messaging and forums
  • share their work with others
  • develop learning resources
  • store data in a secure area

To log into Google Classroom use your school email address, e.g.

Watch a help video

Microsoft Office at Home

Students can now use Microsoft Office at home for free using their school email account. Head to: Login using your school email account and password.

Online Resource Services

Please click on the link below to find useful websites and resources, with school log in details. If you need a password to access an account, please send an email to