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Walk, Run or Cycle to Refilwe 2020

Your help is needed!
UPDATE 12/08/2020

WE MADE IT (7634 miles) and we have raised just over £4000! Big thanks to anyone who has supported us on our journey, liked or shared social media posts and donated.

Any final donations to get us to £5000 can be put on our just giving page

Thank you!!!

This July will be the first time since 2006 that a group from Calday Grange Grammar School has not physically been to South Africa to work and play with the children who live there.

Instead, we are inviting you to join us in our journey there during lockdown. Use your daily exercise to walk, run or cycle and work as a team to help us cover the distance from Calday to Liv Lanseria (Refilwe). It is 7634 miles so we need as many people as possible to join and get sponsors for their efforts. 

Due to lockdown in South Africa, Liv Lanseria are unable to support the vulnerable children in the ways they normally would, and the communities are struggling more than usual as they can’t go to work or school. Not being able to work, means many adults are unable to afford food. Not having access to running water, means many struggle to simply wash their hands according to the guidelines set out around the world.

Walk, Run or Cycle!

Click on the button below to track our effort and see how far we have got! You can also join in or donate here.

Be part of the team

You can be part of the team by joining one of the Strava clubs and put #liv in the name of your activity.

Current students can team up with Mr Lamprey’s club. Others, including former students, can join the community club  or manually log on the website. 

Contribute another way

If you aren’t able to join in but would like to contribute any donations and sponsors would be appreciated. This can be done at

Thank you for your support!