Brook Future Focus Programme

Congratulations to the following Year 12/13 students, Chloe Stewart, Frankie Thelwell, Jack Smith, Liv Heaps, Becca McGowan, Freya Powell, Luke Jones, Tamara Stephens and Theo King, who last month completed the ‘Open Awards Accredited Personal Development Programme’ delivered by Brook. Brook is a charity organisation who offer free confidential health and wellbeing support for young people.

On completion of the course, the students have all been accredited with 9 UCAS points and awarded with Level One Skills for Further Learning and Employment (Open Awards).

During the sessions a comfortable, inclusive and non-judgmental environment was established. Students were encouraged to reflect on their personal lives and issues that relate to them. The group covered a range of topics, including identifying personal strengths & weaknesses, setting personal goals, time management, mental health & stress management, building resilience & self-esteem, identifying healthy & harmful relationships, consent, identifying what we value in relationships, identifying the difference between passive, aggressive & assertive behaviour and gender/sexuality.

The activities relating to the wide range of topics allowed students to be self-reflective and engage together as a group. Feedback from the group has been extremely positive highlighting how they were encouraged to share their opinions and views in a non-judgmental environment. They were also able to forge relationships with individuals they would not normally interact with and develop confidence whilst talking within the group and learning about new topics they have not discussed before.

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