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MISS R GILL - Class teacher

Class teacher

Miss Gill has worked in the Maths Department at Calday since 2007, having worked in state and independent schools in this country and in New Zealand. She teaches Maths and Further Maths and is Curriculum Coordinator for the Business and Logic Faculty. She also leads the annual trip to South Africa in support of The Refilwe Community Project, a charity the school has supported for ten years.

"Calday is a wonderful school to work in and to attend as a student. There are a wide range of different activities to get involved in outside the classroom and the school is incredibly successful both on the extra-curricular side of things and the academic. Students are treated with respect, they enjoy their time here and academic standards are high." 

MRS J DEAN - Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisor

Mrs Dean joined Calday Grange Grammar School in 2003 as an Administration Assistant and has worked as a Cover Supervisor since 2007 following a long career in the printing industry.  She coordinates school trips and delivers the current Duke of Edinburgh Cookery Course.  Mrs Dean also assists two teachers with their Year 8 and Year 10 forms.

"Calday is a marvellous school to work in.  Witnessing the positive attitude and development of students in their learning and extra-curricular activities is so rewarding.  A sense of students striving to achieve is evident at all times and contributes to well-rounded individuals who are a pleasure to share a classroom with."


MR A PROCTER - Director of Achievement

Director of Achievement

Mr Procter has worked at Calday Grange Grammar School since 2006, having started his teaching career in another local boys' Grammar School.  Since then he has also been Head of Mathematics in two local state schools.  Mr Procter has been a Pupil Progress Leader at the school and an Assistant Headteacher since 2010.  He continues to serve on the Senior Leadership Team as Director of Achievement.

"Working at Calday is like no other job that I have held; each day it is an absolute privilege to work with the most incredible students, teaching and support staff that you could wish to find.  The best advert for Calday are our students who go on to achieve magnificently in all aspects of their chosen careers and futures.  I am always proud to be associated with this school."

Mr P Miller - Head of Sport

Mr P Miller
Head of Sport

Mr Miller has worked at Calday since 1998 teaching whole school PE, GCSE and A Level PE, whilst specialising in the aspects of Anatomy, Physiology and Exercise Science. Mr Miller coaches many of our sports here and currently coaches the 1st XV and Yr 10 Rugby Squads. He also holds the role of Lead Learner in the school supporting and advising staff on Behaviour for Learning practices.

"I am extremely proud of the fact that this school has repeatedly been ranked as one of the top state schools in the country for sport. We exhaustively carry the fight to prove that physical intelligence is as valid and as special as any other kind and that our school and department policies of learning to play, learning to compete and learning to win produce better and more rounded athletes."