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Sixth Form Life

Life in this outstanding, diverse and vibrant Sixth Form is based on firm values and provides not only outstanding academic opportunities, but also an environment that enables each student to achieve their full potential, further develop essential life skills and mature as a young person.


Pastoral Care

It is very important that students feel a sense of responsibility towards their studies and should be ready to discuss any difficulties or problems with a form tutor or subject teacher at an early stage. Form tutors have an essential input into any reference including university applications.


Being a Sixth Former at Calday Grange carries with it certain obligations: attendance during normal school hours is compulsory, and absences from school must be covered by a letter from a parent.

Though Sixth Formers are free to leave the premises at lunchtime, they may not visit licensed premises. Sixth Form students are allowed to drive cars or ride motorcycles to school provided they have passed the driving test and have obtained permission from their Year Head.

Dress and Appearance

At Calday we recognise that Sixth Form students are young adults forming part of the school community. We have therefore developed a dress code that, we think, reflects their status.

Sixth Form students are expected to dress as they would for a formal business environment. All students should wear a suit and male students must wear a either a Sixth Form school tie or a tie of their choice. If they wear their own tie they must wear a House lapel badge which can be obtained from the Sixth Form office.

In the Sixth Form, students are allowed to wear simple stud earrings but no other facial piercings are permitted. Boys may have a neat beard and/or moustache.


  • Suit - either black, navy, dark grey or beige
  • Plain short or long sleeved shirt worn inside the suit trousers
  • A neutral jumper may be worn, plain or simple stripe, this must be in addition to a jacket (collar and tie should be visible)
  • School House tie or own tie and House lapel badge
  • Brown or black shoes
  • An outdoor coat may be worn on the way to school but must not replace the suit jacket.


  • Suit - with full-length tailored trousers, dress or skirt (either black, navy, dark grey or beige)
  • Blouse or shirt, short or long sleeved, worn under the suit jacket
  • A neutral jumper or cardigan may be worn, this must be in addition to a jacket
  • House lapel badge
  • Brown or black shoes
  • An outdoor coat may be worn on the way to school but must not replace the suit jacket.

Life after Calday

Students are encouraged to think about their options after Sixth Form, as part of this process we support students with the university application process. We also offer career guidance and support, please click on the Careers link on the right.