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School Honour Tie

We acknowledge achievement and aspiration of students who show commitment and dedication in subject areas of Drama, Music and Sport.   

A Society tie is also available for those regularly attending a school club or society.

Application is open to students in all year groups (students in year 7 may not apply for an honours tie in their first Autumn term).

Sports Ties

Sports ties come in three designs, dependant on the level of achievement, they are:

School Colours - to recognise representation of a sport at either team or individual level for school.

Half Colours - to recognise representation at County (or equivalent) level, either team or individual e.g. Cheshire. 

Full Colours - to recognise representation at National level either team or individual e.g. England.

School and half colours are available in house colours blue, green or red, full colour ties come in one colourway only.

If a student excels at a sport not represented in school he may still be eligible for a school tie.  Please contact the community office for more details email to

How to apply

Honour tie application forms can be obtained from the individual department or from the school administration office.

All tie applications are subject to approval from department staff, (as indicated on the form). Departments will have their own criteria for attainment. Students should speak to a member of staff from a particular department to understand what is required for that sport, activity (drama or music) or club.

Completed forms should be returned to the administration office.   Subject to approval you will receive an email inviting you to make payment via Parent pay. Ties cost £7.00 each. Once payment is made ties will be available to collect from the school shop within 2 working days.