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School Council

The school council is an important part of the active Citizenship within the school.  It is there to allow students, staff and parents to contribute to the running of the school.

In particular, the council aims are:

  • to improve the school facilities for and the school environment for students
  • to give students a voice

The council has four areas that student representatives can join:

  • Student welfare
  • Teaching & learning
  • Infrastructure & facilities
  • Extra curricular

One representative from each form group is elected to the council.  They join one of the above groups.

It is their job to:

  • listen to the opinions and concerns of the members of their form group
  • bring pupils' ideas  to the council
  • feed back the results of the discussion in their council group to their form

The council provides a useful link between pupils, teachers, Senior Leadership and the Governors of the school known as the Management Advisory Committee (MAC).

Autumn Term

  • School Council Discussion Week: 22-26 September
  • School Council Group Meeting: 2 October
  • MAC Meeting: 9 October


  • School Council Discussion Week: 24-28 November
  • School Council Group Meeting: 1 December
  • MAC Meeting: 8 December

Spring Term

  • School Council Discussion Week: 26-30 January
  • School Council Group Meeting: 6 February
  • MAC Meeting: 13 February


  • School Council Discussion Week: 9-13 March
  • School Council Group Meeting: 17 March
  • MAC Meeting: 24 March

Summer Term

  • School Council Discussion Week: 22-26 June
  • School Council Group Meeting: 1 July
  • MAC Meeting: 8 July

Form Charity Representative

This person represents the views or your form and helps in the organisation of charity events.