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Pastoral Care

We try to provide continuity of care throughout each of our student’s school careers. Every student belongs to a form group with a dedicated Form Tutor. Whenever possible, the same Form Tutor remains with the tutor group for Year 8 to Year 11. The Form Tutor is the central point of contact for every student and provides the crucial link between home and school.  The Form Tutor is usually a parent's first point of contact with the school.  

Students have form time with their Form Tutor from 8:40-9:00 and 3:20-3:35 each day.  This is an opportunity for students to engage in a range of activities with their form group, such as: initiative-based activities focused on a particular event e.g. anti-bullying week, review their daily achievement and behaviour points via the school's behaviour management system and to engage in revision and homework tasks.  Students are also taught PHSE every fortnight in their form groups.

Students can also use form time to meet with subject or pastoral staff to address any issues they may encounter in their studies and arrange for the necessary strategies to be put in place to support them.

All Form Tutors are supported by a team of Year Heads who coordinate the pastoral care of all our students. In addition there is also a Pastoral Deputy Head who oversees and coordinates all areas of pastoral care within the school and provides support in all areas, wherever necessary.

Contact details of staff may be found by clicking here.

Pastoral Team 

Mr M Twist Pastoral Deputy Head
Mrs V Storey Director of Student Services
Mr M Stalker Head of Pastoral Faculty
Mr P Douglas Head of Year 7
Mr A Wood Head of Year 8
Mr C Lamprey Head of Year 9
Mrs K Riley Head of Year 10
Mrs H Yeates Head of Year 11
Mrs N Boyle Head of Year 12 (acting)
Mrs K Owen Head of Year 13

The House System

Each student is a member of a House with their own Head of House. They ensure students participate widely within school life and enjoy the full cross-curricular provision on offer. Students and their Form Tutor are members of the same House.

There are three Houses, Bennett (Blue), Glegg (Red) and Hollowell (Green). House ties – with the appropriate House coloured strip - are a compulsory part of school uniform.

Where possible, a full House assembly takes place every two weeks. Students take part in House activities such as sport and games, music and drama. All these activities are based upon the House System and inter House Sports and Music and Drama Festivals are held each year. Sixth Form students are encouraged not only to take part themselves but also to help organise the involvement of lower school students.

Heads of House

Mr P Marsh Bennett
Mr A Cliffe Glegg
Miss C Trotter Hollowell