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Law is a very popular A Level at Calday, it is an enjoyable and interesting subject and our students are encouraged to gain a wider understanding of Law L through current cases and news items. Students learn about topics such as murder, grievous bodily harm and the operation and impact of defences such as insanity and self-defence. They also learn about civil liability and negligence and look at interesting cases such as those generated by the Hillsborough Disaster.  Students consider the wider impact of law and how it affects the morality of society as a whole.

Law combines very well with a wide variety of other A Level subjects, and is an excellent subject not only for those students considering the study of law at a higher level, but also for those who simply wish to choose it as an additional subject.  Since 2004 we have won 17 national Good Schools Guide awards for our examination results. Law A Level is not just for lawyers.

Many past students have returned to tell us how useful A level law has been to them. Their comments are quoted below –

‘I thoroughly enjoyed studying the A level at Calday. The teachers inspired me to follow a career in law and it definitely made the first year of my law degree course much easier. Participating in the mock trial competition was an invaluable experience, and I look back on my time at Calday with real fondness.’

James Birch – Solicitor, Hill Dickinson


‘From an early age I decided I wanted a career in Law.  I moved from my previous school to Calday Grange Grammar to enable me to study law at A Level.  Not only did I really enjoy studying it at AS and A Level, it confirmed to me that I really did want a career in Law. I went on to study Law at the University of Liverpool and graduated in 2011.  I now work for Riverview Solicitors as a Business Law Executive.  I love my job and deal with an extremely varied workload.  I will soon be embarking on the next stage of training to enable me to fully qualify as a solicitor or a legal executive.’

Sarah Crawford – Business Law Executive

 just completed Law degree at Newcastle University


‘Doing A level law gave me a great deal of confidence settling in at university, already knowing the basics of what I was about to study. It made starting a degree a far less daunting prospect. It also gave me the idea that I wanted a career in law!’

BS – 2nd year law student at Cardiff University

‘Law was the most engaging subject I did at A level and gave me a head start with my law degree,’

There are four units to be completed, two taken at the end of AS and two at A2. There is no coursework aspect to the course. The units are –

Year 12

  • Module 1 – Law making and the legal system
  • Module 2 – The Concept of Liability (Crime and the Tort of Negligence)

Year 13

  • Module 3 – Criminal law (Fatal and Non-Fatal Offences)
  • Module 4 – Tort law (Negligence, Nuisance, Occupiers Liability) and Concepts of law

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OCR Examination Board

Assessment information

OCR examination board

Students should have achieved a grade A or B in English Language, English Literature, or another essay writing subject such as RS or History. Law requires good analytical and problem solving skills. Expectations of all students will be high and results are very good with approximately 75% of A2 students achieving an A or B grade at A level each year.

Enrichment opportunities

The Mock trial competition involves students participating as lawyers witness and court officials and they are judged by Crown Court judges on their performance. Calday have been regional winners twice in the past seven years and participated in the national finals in the Old Bailey in London and Edinburgh.

Primary Law in an activity we run for local primary school children and the children attend our school and listen to trials performed by our law students and then act as a jury to determine the right verdict. We also take our students to visit the Magistrates and Crown Courts in Liverpool and have assisted many students in finding work placement opportunities. Law students also have the opportunity to go on the popular New York trip.