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Key Stage 3


Year 7

Autumn Term

Basic skills – Students will learn a range of technical skills this term. We begin developing shading and tonal drawing skills, moving on to developing an understanding of perspective. They will be drawing objects or scenes using the rules they have learnt. 

Spring Term

Landscape – Students learn how to draw landscapes using perspective techniques. Looking at the artist Ton Schulten students create their own design for a colour paper collage. They will develop skills in colour mixing, colour theory and using paint.

Summer Term

Pattern and Nature – Students will learn how to look at nature to create new patterns and shapes. They will extend their skills of drawing and painting as develop in the first two terms.

Year 8

Autumn Term

Still Life – Students will learn how to draw from life and look at objects including animal skulls. They will develop a range of skills in both drawing and colour pencil blending. 

Spring Term

Portraits – Students will learn how to draw the face accurately in proportion. They will look at a range of different artistic approaches. They will produce a print for their final piece. 

Summer Term

Architectural Structures – This project focuses on texture and involves students manipulating everyday materials to create a range of different surfaces. They will produce a final piece which will represent an architectural form using textural relief techniques.

Year 9

Autumn Term

Urban Spaces - During this we study urban environments and how artists like Marcus Jansen have deconstructed  structures and spaces to create dynamic dystopian art work.  

Key skills covered: Observational drawing, printmaking, developing composition & development into colour using paint.

Spring Term

3D Modelling/ Architecture - We delve into the architectural construction process and produce a series of designs and three dimensional models and fabricate them using various media.  We will explore Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry. 

  • Key skills covered: Architectural model making, Photoshop & ICT skills to develop compositions and ideas, manipulating forms & rendering textural surfaces

Animal Portrait - This unit explores how artists like Corina St Martin have employed colour and shape to portray animals in exciting ways. 

  • Key skills covered: Expressive drawing, chalk pastel, oil pastel

Summer Term

Graphic  Illustration - Students will utilise commercial skills and best practises in designing illustrations for a children’s book.

  • Key skills covered: Illustration with both traditional & contemporary materials 

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Assessment information

Assessment takes place throughout the year in sketchbooks and online using Google Classroom.