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Religious Studies

Year 10

Autumn Term

  • Introduction to Islam and Christianity, Crime and Punishment

Spring Term

  •  Matters of Death, Drug Abuse

Summer Term

  • World Poverty

Year 11

GCSE students are issued with four books, Christianity in Today’s world, Islam in Today’s world, and revision books for each module.

Autumn Term

  • GCSE RS - Human Rights, including the rights of women

Spring Term

  • Prejudice and Discrimination, South Africa, Disability, Gender, Animal Rights.

Summer Term

  • Revision

Assessment information

GCSE students follow Paper 2 and Paper 3 of the AQA Specification B examination in Religious Studies.  Paper 3 is taught in Year 10 and paper 2 is taught in Year 11.  On both papers, there are six topics and all appear every year on a paper.  Students have to answer 4 structured questions on each paper and each examination lasts 90 minutes.

Useful links

AQA Religious Studies Specification 8062