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Computer Science

Year 10

Autumn Term

  • In the Autumn term of Year 10 students are introduced to the subject and begin to learn to program using the Java language. They look at how computers represent data, images and sound.

Spring Term

  • The first piece of Controlled Assessment will be completed this term. Students have approximately 25 hours to complete a project. In Year 10 the students create a game using Greenfoot which will be 30% of their overall GCSE grade.

Summer Term

  • In the Summer term students will look at algorithms and flow charts to help them to plan a program out and continue to learn the Java language focusing on error handling. In their theory lessons they look at the structure of a computer and how memory works.

Year 11

Autumn Term

  • We begin Year 11 looking at networks and databases finishing off with servers before the students sit their mock examinations.

Spring Term

  • The second piece of Controlled Assessment will be completed this term with a focus on app development. Again this is a 25 hour project which counts for 30% of their overall grade.

Summer Term

  • Unit 4 Java GreenFoot Extended - Students utilise  prior learning to create a game that they have designed and written and coded themselves.
  • Unit 5 App Inventor - Students learn to make a mobile App. Learn about system life cycle whilst planning designing and creating their personal App.
  • We spend the time after Easter revisiting topics in order to help the students to revise for their examinations.

Useful links

hyperlinked docs\Section 11 KS4 Support Materials\AQA-GCSE-Spec.PDF

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AQA Specification