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Fine Art

Year 10

Autumn Term

‘Collections’ - Students will explore collections of surfaces and forms, exploring the visual properties of these objects.

‘Distorted Still Life’ - Students collect objects and artefacts and then explore a way of presenting them that is not traditional.  They have to distort and manipulate either the objects themselves or the image of them. This project challenges students to construct a body of work that examines personal space. This will rely heavily upon creative photographic skills.

Spring Term

This Unit of work explores the work of the artist Pat Perry. He combines Urban Spaces with Portraiture.  We will utilise a number of creative processes including etching, painting and digital painting.  

Architecture: Structure and light. Students will examine the work of various architects and how artists have utilised the structure around them.  We will also explore abstracting form and light within and around these buildings.

Summer Term

‘Reflections’ - Students are charged with exploring and interpreting surfaces and materials.  Artists have always been fascinated with how reflections alter and skew our perceptions.

Controlled Assessment - Personal response to exam styled questions from past papers. Preparation time followed by a 5 hour practical exam.

Year 11

Autumn Term

Personal Investigation of themes and ideas, developing a portfolio.

Year 11 trial examination – response to an AQA past paper.

Spring Term

Final Exam AQA set starting points.

Examination board set project. (40% of final GCSE grade).

Controlled Assessment: a period of preparation time followed by a 10 hour practical examination.

Summer Term

Completion of coursework portfolio and preparation for final exhibition and display. (60% of final GCSE grade).

Pre A Level study pack for those intending to continue to study Art to A Level.

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Assessment information

Assessment will take place throughout the year in sketchbooks and online using Google Classroom.

AQA GCSE Fine Art Specification 8201 8206