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Calday Grange Grammar School

Calday Grange Grammar School

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    Curriculum Change

    Significant curriculum changes are being made nationally over the next few years.  A new National Curriculum from 2014, new GCSE courses in English and Mathematics in 2015, new GCSE courses for other subjects in 2016 and the removal of the national framework of assessment using levels; these are all part of the Government's programme of education reform.  


    • New GCSEs starting from 2015 and 2016 will be graded from 9 (highest) to 1 (lowest)

    • In 2015 the first new GCSE courses to start will be: Maths, English Literature, English Language.

    • In 2016, all other GCSE subjects will start, with the exception of Design Technology which starts from September 2017

    • At Calday we will expect all students to be achieving grades  at the highest grade range (6 to 9).

    A Level

    • A Levels are becoming two year linear courses with exams at the end of Year 13. This means that there will be no AS exams in Year 12 from 2017.

    • Without AS results on University application forms, Universities will turn to GCSE results when making grade offers

    • Grades will remain the same as they are now from A* (Highest) to E (Lowest)

    • From September 2015, the following courses will start: Art, Business Studies, Computing, Economics, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology

    • From 2016, new A Levels in the subjects not listed above will start.

    It is for schools to decide how to implement these changes and at Calday Grange Grammar School we have decided upon the changes to assessment practices that are detailed in the letters below which were sent to parents in early September 2015.  Our aim has been to make the transition from one system to another as easy as possible to understand for staff, parents and students.

    These posters were issued by the DfE and describes how the old system of GCSE A*- G grades may convert to the new 9 - 1 grades.


    1. Changes to assessment - Parental letter Year 7 and 8
    2. Changes to assessment - Parental letter Year 9
    3. Changes to assessment - Parental letter Year 10