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Conduct and Behaviour

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct means we all have rights and responsibilities.  Everyone at school has the right to work and socialise in a safe environment. We must all help to make this possible by recognising our rights and our responsibilities.

not to be bullied in any way not to take part in bullying and report any bullying we see
to feel safe at school to behave in a reasonable manner which will not put others at risk
to an education and to be able to learn according to our ability not to make fun of others or prevent anyone from learning
to be treated with respect and without prejudice to respect others in the school community
to have our opinions heard to let others express their opinions
to expect our possessions to be safe at school not to interfere with the possessions of others and to report any theft or mistreatment we see
to choose our friends not to force our friendship on others
to work within a calm and purposeful atmosphere to do nothing that may disturb a calm and purposeful atmosphere
to be given clear and precise guidance by teachers to accept without question the instructions and decisions of the teachers

to have appropriate work explained, set and assessed

to complete on time all classwork and homework given

to be treated fairly

to treat everyone else with fairness


The right to learn Low level disruption, late arrival at lessons, playing/ running in corridors at lunch.
The right to teach Students unprepared for lessons, talking over teachers, causing class disturbance.
The right to safety Teasing (verbal teasing, hiding of property), bullying of pupils or staff, actions which may cause injury (pile-ons, moving chairs when others sit down, pushing on stairs), any action causing physical injury (fights, encouraging fights, aggressive kicking of footballs).
Dignity and respect Teasing, name calling, bullying, laughing at mistakes, groups victimising teachers.

Behaviour Progression

Your conduct is monitored in all lessons and around site.


If you are not learning well over a range of lessons your Form Tutor will help you to select and set targets to develop your skills.  Your parents will be told by your Form Tutor that you are being supported.


If you are displaying poor learning or conduct in a particular subject your teacher will support you by placing you on a faculty report in that subject.  Your parents will be informed by the teacher.  This will replace a form report if you have one.

If we have not been able to help you to improve your learning and you are disturbing others then you and your parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the faculty leader or other senior faculty colleague.  Targets will be agreed with your parents.

If this level of support does not help you to learn and be an effective part of the class you will be removed from lessons as necessary and be placed on a Pastoral report.


We are now very concerned that you are not wanting to learn.  Your parents will be asked to meet with the Head of House and you will have targets which apply to all your lessons. The Head of House will take you out of lessons to allow others to learn effectively as necessary but will still try to support you.  The school will also contact external agencies that work with students and families as necessary to try to support you.


There are clear signs that this school is not meeting your needs.  Your parents will be asked to meet with the Deputy Headteacher.  You will report to the Deputy Headteacher twice daily and will have targets.  If you fail to meet reasonable targets you may be detained after school each day.  If the school thinks that it is still not able to meet your needs you will be referred to the school Governors.


You and your parents will be asked to attend a meeting with school Governors.  They will consider your situation.


The Headteacher will write to the Local Authority identifying your vulnerability and stating that you are at risk of permanent exclusion. Depending on the outcome of the Governors meeting the Headteacher may offer you a probationary period in school, start to manage a move to another school or permanently exclude you.