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A Level


Year 12 and 13 (both subjcts are now two year courses)

English Language - Reformed specification 2015 AQA  7701/7702

  • Differences between speech and writing; discourse analysis; language and gender; language and power; writing a range of different genres, for different purpose and audiences with associated commentaries (non-exam assessment unit-NEA). In year 13 students will undertake their own language investigation (NEA) which can be centred around their own choice of topic; they will study Language Change from the 1600’s onwards; they will analyse the development of children’s language.

English Literature - Edexcel Reformed specification

  • Different genres of literature explored and studied. Two novels, for example Never Let Me Go and Frankenstein, relating broadly to a theme; one Shakespeare text, alongside a critical anthology, and another play in either the genre of tragedy or comedy. A selection of post 2000 poetry will be studied as well as examination of a literary movement or poet. Students will also be examined on their ability to analyse unseen poetry and there will be a coursework element which involves comparison of two texts.


Assessment information

English Language  - AQA - 20% NEA, 80% examnination

English Literature - Edexcel – coursework 20%, examination 80%.

You can read or download the full A Level specifications from the AQA and Edexcel websites, see links below.

Useful links Students should not rely on work done with their teachers alone; they should supplement and extend their knowledge.  This site contains superb articles for both English Language and English Literature and presentations by specialists on key topics, texts and other interesting aspects of English. We subscribe to this and students have been given the username and password by their teacher(s).  This information is displayed in classrooms.

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