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A Level

Drama and Theatre

The OCR A Level consists of two written exams and two practical exams.  In the written exam students answer questions on productions they have seen and three set texts (Frankenstein, Othello and Earthquakes in London).  Practically they create a piece of devised theatre using the influence of two practitioners, and perform a scripted piece of theatre.

Year 12

Autumn term

  • Study of major contemporary theatre practitioners (Stanislavski, Brecht, Artaud, Beckett, Ravenhill and Frantic Assembly (including LeCoq and Pina Bausch).
  • Performance of pool (no water) by Mark Ravenhill in the style of two practitioners
  • Complete research report

Spring term

  • Study and performance of Othello and Frankenstein

Summer term

  • Creation of piece of original theatre and completion of log book

Year 13

Autumn term

  • Completion and performance of devised piece
  • Study of The Crucible
  • Begin rehearsals for scripted performance

Spring term

  • Scripted performance
  • Exam preparation

Work on seen productions will be carried out throughout the two years depending on timing of theatre visits.

Assessment information

Drama and Theatre Studies Specification H459, OCR examination board

Useful links

OCR examination board