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A Level

Computer Science

The specification has been designed for students who wish to go on to higher education courses or employment where knowledge of Computing would be beneficial. Students can study Computing and go on to a career in Medicine, Law, Business, Politics or any type of Science. 

In the past few years some of our students have had the highest examination scores in the country at A level in this subject.

Year 12

Autumn Term

  • We start Year 12 by looking at how we think as Computational students. We learn the concepts of digital representation and logic and begin to learn to program using the Java language. We finish the term by looking at the legal and ethical side of Computing

Spring Term

  • Students look at how the Internet works focussing on Protocols, how computers work, hardware and HTML

Summer Term

  • After Easter the students focus on the material which has been released for the examination. This program needs to be understood in order for the students to do well in the onscreen examinations.
  • When students return after the AS examinations they research and choose their projects for A2 which is 20% of their overall A level mark.

Year 13

Autumn Term

  • The main focus for the Autumn term is the Comp 4 project. We also look in greater depth at digital representation, algorithms and databases queries using SQL

Spring Term

  • The students finish their projects this term as well as looking at networks and automata. They finish the term looking at programming paradigms and communication.

Summer Term

  • Students are presented with past papers and other revision tools to give them the best possible opportunities in the A2 examination.

Useful links

hyperlinked docs\Section 12 KS5 Support Materials\AQA-Specification.PDF

Assessment information

At Key Stage 5 students follow the AQA Computing course (2510)