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Whilst the most recent addition to modern sport at Calday it is one that has its boots in the history of the school. Prior to the 1930s when it was banned in the school it was one of the founding sports alongside gymnastics, and on its return it has proved just as popular and of course just as successful.

Playing through Years 7 to 13 the school enters into a number of competitions. The Wirral Cup, Cheshire Cup, Merseyside Cup and English Schools FA Cup all provide varying challenges for the teams. With eight trophies in three years the foundation has been laid for the school to become even more successful in the future.

The teams for season 2019/20 season are as follows:

Year 7 - Mr G Bosworth

Year 8 - Mr A Ward

Year 9 - Mr A Phillips

Year 10 - Mr M Stalker and Mr L Robinson

Year 11 - Mr R Hayes

Sixth Form - Mr M Broadhurst