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Launch of Calday Support Fund

Launch of Calday Support Fund

Dear Parent/Supporter

We are launching the Calday Support Fund with the intention of generating additional revenue to support and expand our range of extra-curricular and sport activities.  We really hope that you will contribute to the fund to enable these activities to be financially sustainable and not reliant on central government funding.

As part of this launch, we will be closing the existing school and sixth form funds. Parental engagement with these has traditionally been low, as there has not been the facility for Direct Debit payments or opportunities for the school to reclaim Gift Aid.


How can I support the school?

Parents and supporters are invited to sign-up to the Charities Aid Foundation platform and create an account to make regular donations to the Calday Support Fund.  We are able to claim Gift Aid to increase your donations and 40% taxpayers will be able to claim additional tax relief on their annual tax return.

We have set an annual target of £50,000 in the first year. This represents 60% of parents signing up and donating £5 per month (£60 per annum). Clearly, engagement above this figure will significantly increase the funds available to the school for supporting extra-curricular activities (£82,000 if every parent makes a contribution of £5 per month!).


School financial situation

Parents may be aware that all schools are facing financial difficulties following changes in Government funding as well as having to deal with increased costs.

At Calday, we are no different.  We have suffered a reduction in education funding of over £900,000 from 2013/14 to 2015/16.  This represents a 13.7% reduction in two years and we are expecting a further 1.5% reduction in each of the 2018/19 and 2019/20 years as outlined in the Government’s National Funding Formula consultation.

The majority of the cost increases that we have experienced are out of our hands and include:

  • a 3.4% increase in National Insurance costs in April 2016;
  • increased employer contribution costs for teachers’ pensions and support staff pensions advised by the scheme actuaries;
  • general inflationary pressures on educational supplies and resources.

We have one of the lowest units of resource per student on the Wirral and yet we believe that the offer we provide to our students is outstanding.  Our curriculum continues to consist of a broad range of

A Level and GCSE courses taught by subject specialists; our students achieve outstanding academic outcomes and we provide an extensive range of extra-curricular activities.


Extra-curricular activities

At Calday we are committed to providing a broad range of extra-curricular activities.  We encourage all of our students to immerse themselves in Music, Drama, CCF, Sport, Duke of Edinburgh, National Citizenship Service etc, as there is a clear link between engaging in extra-curricular activities, academic achievement, health and wellbeing.

The vast majority of our students engage in at least one of our range of sport and extra-curricular activities and some take part in many.  In the last year 49% of all students aged 11-16 represented the school in sport and we regularly feature in the School Sport Magazine ‘Top 100 State Schools’.


Difficult choices to make

All of these activities have a cost to the school that has to be met from the school budget.  For example, in 2016/17 we expect to spend at least £20,000 on transport to sports fixtures and in excess of £30,000 on specialist sports coaches to support our students.

Students really value our extra-curricular offer and believe that this is what makes the ‘Calday difference’.  In an ideal world we really do not want to lose anything, however, the risk is that we might have to stop offering some things in the future.

As a school, we have done all of the things you would expect us do to improve our efficiency and to make financial savings.  We manage our numbers of staff sensibly, consider non-replacement to vacant roles and are working hard with our suppliers to drive ever better value.  However, these things alone will not be enough to allow us to continue to offer everything that we currently do.


What will we use the funding for?

Any funds raised will go to directly support our extra-curricular activities including, but not limited to:

  • Combined Cadet Force;
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (school incurred costs in excess of payments received from parents);
  • School Sport – we do not charge students for travel to play at away fixtures or for the cost of additional specialist sports coaches;
  • Music and drama activities, productions and concerts;
  • Robotics and Coding Club;
  • Lunchtime activities and clubs.

As an example, a monthly donation of £5 per month would pay for 4 hours per year of specialist sports coaching for one our sports teams.

We will not use these funds to support the general running of the school or for any activities that are funded by a separate funding source.

Parents and supporters will be kept updated on our fundraising progress via regular updates within the school newsletter.


What do I do?

Sign-up now and help us to keep ‘developing the whole student’ and make a real difference to the future of our School.  Please visit .

Thank you in advance for your continued support for our school and your child’s future.


Mr Mark Rodaway