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LEJoG Update

Alderhey Children's Hospital have provided an update on their new and exciting leukaemia research project which has been funded by our LEJoG fundraising campaign

Thanks to the funds (over £200,000) raised as part of the LeJoG fundraising campaign, Alder Hey Children's Hospital have started a new and exciting leukaemia research project.

They have appointed a full time post doctoral scientist, Dr Kate Phillips, and are also funding a year of a Masters student and in the near future will be funding a PhD student. They are exploring the body's natural ability of the immune system to fight leukaemia and cancer and have already established in their studies that they can predict prognosis better than any other test available.  They are now looking to explore this further with the ultimate aim of harnessing the children’s own immune system for a new type of treatment.

The team will be coming into school at some point in the near future to provide a presentation on what they are doing and how they are spending the funds.