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School supports 'Count the Kicks'

Help us to support 'Count the Kicks' by recycling.

The school has started to collect some recyclable items to support the charity ‘Count the Kicks’. This is a charity aimed at raising awareness in pregnant ladies of being aware of fetal movements to reduce the number of stillbirths. Approximately 90% of babies could possibly be saved if medical assistance had been sought sooner. The charity is able to trade in the recycled items for funds to help their work.  

Please click here to access an information booklet that explains the history behind the charity and their aims

Please click here to access a leaflet that explains the recyclable items that are accepted by the charity

If you would like to help us, please follow the instructions on the leaflet with regards to items that can be posted directly or dropped off at reception for the attention of Mrs Jenny Cooper. Please note that we CANNOT accept the clothes etc due to lack of storage space - you would need to send for a bag and arrange collection of these items directly.  Thank you for helping us to support this important charity.