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Fantastic GCSE results for Calday!

Calday Grange Grammar School is delighted to report a superb set of GCSE results achieved by students at the school. 

The year group has faced unparalleled circumstances since the start of the pandemic and it is wonderful to see their hard work reflected in their grades.  We are certain the students will join us in acknowledging the fantastic role played in these results by all the staff and families who have supported them during the course. 

  • 99.3% of all GCSE entries were at grade 4 and above.

  • The percentage of entries achieving grade 9 was 14.3% and grades 7-9 was 59.9%.

  • Progress at the school, as measured by Progress 8, was 1.44, meaning that on average students achieve almost one and a half grades higher than expected, compared to their peers nationally.

This year, we have also seen a group of students successfully complete their Further Mathematics GCSE, with all obtaining grade 7 or above.

The school has become synonymous over recent years for producing students of a high calibre – and this year is no different with 76% of all students gaining three or more 7 – 9 grades.

Several students, to name just a few, achieved fantastic results:

  • Oliver Dennett, Aaron James and Ben Yang – achieved grade 9s in all their subjects.

  • Utkarsh Sharma – achieved 10 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s.

  • Tom Ash, Oliver Gillam and Alasdair Roberts – all achieved 11 grade 9s and 8s.

Once again, the school also boasts an excellent set of E-Baccalaureate results, with 77.7% of students attaining grades 9 – 5 in the ‘E-Bacc’ subjects.  Whilst 87.2% achieved the same measure at grades 4 and above.

Headteacher, Mr Stephen Gray, said: “It gives me great pride to see how well our students have done this year. This cohort has been particularly affected by the pandemic, having missed a significant amount of schooling when they were in Year 10, in addition to the disruption caused by the lockdown in the last academic year.  Despite the challenges posed by learning remotely, the students have shown diligence and resilience in completing their studies. There are so many individual success stories and the whole-school figures are outstanding. The grades reflect the hard work put in by the students and staff.  I feel that it is important to dispel the notion that these grades were simply 'awarded' by teachers. The grades were determined by student performance across a period in particular subjects, which culminated in a series of controlled assessments, many of which were sat under examination conditions.  Be under no illusion, the students have earnt these grades and deserve great recognition.

The vast majority of our students will be coming back to the Sixth Form to continue their studies, but some will be going onto apprenticeships and other educational establishments. On behalf of the school community and Governing Body, I wish all of our students every success in the future. These results will have provided a very firm foundation on which to build.”