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Welcome to the Music Department!

Music is part of our everyday lives.  Music becomes more enjoyable when we understand the concepts behind it.  Students will learn to listen critically; to discover how music is constructed and how different types of music originated; to write melodies and harmonies; and to improve or learn new instrumental playing techniques.

Students will develop an understanding of the organisation of sounds, concepts, musical styles and genres.  They will develop expressive understanding and create musical ideas using technology, musical devices, conventions and more traditional resources.

The Music Department at Calday Grammar School is a fundamental part of school life.  It is thriving with over 250 students regularly involved in rehearsals throughout the week. All students are encouraged to join in and our Christmas and Summer Concerts are sell out events.  The year 7 choir, which normally comprises of over 150 students, has traditionally opened the second half of the Christmas Concert.  Students of all years look forward to hearing the ‘year 7 song’.  The music department has toured in France, Spain, Italy, the Rhineland and Canada.  There is an enormous amount of interest in music in the school and plenty of opportunities to perform, both as a soloist and in ensembles and choirs.  We aim to provide ensemble opportunities for every taste and standard and we will do everything we can to meet your needs.  We have a superb team of visiting teachers who cover almost every musical instrument.

The highlight of the year is the House Music Festival. This is because it brings students from years 7 to 13 together.  Students are always eager to start planning this annual event which is held in the Spring Term. Hundreds of students join in as the three houses battle it out to be the overall winner. 

It is a fantastic day of performances judged by either someone in the music industry or a professional musician.  The day culminates in an exciting evening concert which features the winning categories and highlights from the festival.

The event is led by the Sixth Form House Music Prefects who organise different performances and compete against each other. These range from Contemporary, Pop, Musical Theatre and Jazz to ‘Classical’ pieces.  We have instrumental and vocal soloists, duets, choirs, orchestras, small instrumental bands and rock bands. It really is an eclectic mix of music.

In addition to practical music playing there is also a strong academic tradition.  Music is taught to all students in years seven and eight.  It then becomes optional for study at GCSE, AS and A2 Level.  The subject is popular having one of the largest GCSE uptakes for the subject on the Wirral.  The GCSE and A level results continue to be excellent, being one of the top performing departments in the school and Grammar Schools in external examinations.  The study of Music not only gives pleasure in itself but its logical structures help train the mind to think clearly. 

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