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Making contact

Communication between school and home is a vital part of our work and helps students and parents to really know and understand what is going on in school.

Rather than send paper letters home with students, we regularly contact parents using  EduLink One. This is usually by email, and occasionally by text. The messages are sent by default to parents with parental responsibility, however, this can be changed upon request.

Texts may be sent if a student is absent without notification, or in emergencies such as school closure due to bad weather.

To ensure high quality communication is always maintained, parents should regularly check their messages. It is very important that parents ensure that we are kept up to date if email addresses or telephone numbers change, this can be done via the Update Information button in EduLink One.


Parents contacting the school through Edulink One

  • Before contacting a teacher through EduLink One, please check the school website.   This contains information regarding school policies, holidays, the curriculum, etc.
  • There is also individual student information available regarding homework, rewards and behaviour on EduLink One.
  • If you are reporting a bullying incident or a safeguarding issue, please contact the school immediately by telephone.
  • If you need help regarding an administration question, please contact the school office
  • Only contact your child’s subject teacher regarding learning issues such as homework, revision or general progress
  • Please allow 24 hours (Monday to Friday) for a teacher to acknowledge receipt of your email

If you have an issue, always check the school website first.  We welcome positive and constructive communication between school and home. However, on the very rare occasions that this is not the case we have procedures in place to maintain calm and to keep our staff safe.