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Law is a very popular A Level at Calday, it is an enjoyable and interesting subject and our students are encouraged to gain a wider understanding of Law through current cases and news items. Students learn about topics such as murder, grievous bodily harm and the operation and impact of defences such as insanity and self-defence. They also learn about civil liability and negligence and look at interesting cases such as those generated by the Hillsborough Disaster.  Students consider the wider impact of law and how it affects the morality of society as a whole.

Law combines very well with a wide variety of other A Level subjects and is an excellent subject not only for those students considering the study of law at a higher level but also for those who simply wish to choose it as an additional subject.  Since 2004 we have won 17 national Good Schools Guide awards for our examination results. Law A Level is not just for lawyers.

Teaching staff 

Mrs. K. Owen LLB (Hons) Law, Solicitor (20 years practice in Criminal Law) 

Mrs E. Henney, BSC (Hons) Chemistry with Patent Law and post graduate Law Qualification, Solicitor (14 years practice in Civil Law)


The Course

Examples of subjects studied include – 

  • The roles of those involved in the system like magistrates, lawyers and juries and the way laws are created.

  • Criminal law – with offences of violence including GBH, manslaughter and murder, also property offences like robbery and theft together with the defences available such as self-defence, intoxication and insanity. 

  • Tort law – civil liability for negligence, nuisance and the liability of occupiers

  • Liability in contract- how contracts are formed and contractual clauses.

  • Wider concepts like the relationship between law and morality


Law is a popular subject - we usually have approximately 80-90 students in the sixth form studying law at any time/


Recommendations to study law

We recommend that students should have gained grade 6 in English Language, English Literature, or another essay writing subject like History or RS. Law requires good analytical and problem solving skills. Expectations of all students will be high. Law combines very well with a wide variety of other A level subjects, and is an excellent subject for those considering the study of law at a higher level, and also for those who simply wish to choose it as an additional subject. Law A level is not just for lawyers. A strong work ethic and good memory skills are essential. 


Examination results  

We have excellent outcomes in examinations with many students exceeding their target grade. Most years approximately ¾ of A2 students have achieved an A or B grade at A level. Our highest success rate was 88% of students achieving an A/B grade. In 2018 22% of students achieved an A* grade with 56% achieving an A*/A. Some students were 3 grades above their minimum target grade. 


Good Schools Guide Awards 

Since 2004 we have won more than 20 national awards for exam results 


Extra Curricular 

Mock trial competition (twice national finalists), Primary Law with local primary school children, court visits to the Magistrates and Crown Courts in Liverpool, work placement opportunities.


Future prospects

Law has been one of the most popular degree courses taken by Calday students in recent years, studying at many of the top establishments, including Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, Durham, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Lancaster, York, Bristol, Warwick, Belfast and many more.  (Please see some student comments overleaf)

A Level entry requirement:  Grade 6 in English language or literature

A Level Law overview