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Geography is a popular subject at all Key Stages. Every student is taught Geography throughout Key Stage 3 and, as a result of our engaging lessons and specialist knowledge, we enjoy a significant take up at GCSE - running four groups who sit the AQA Geography GCSE specification.  At A Level there are currently two groups in each year group also following the AQA course.

The subject is taught by four specialist teachers and we encourage all our students to develop a deeper understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the world around them. The subject fosters an understanding of the physical world; it develops students’ appreciation and tolerance of different cultures and lifestyles and also encourages students to consider the ways in which human activities impact the natural environment.

At all Key Stages, fieldwork is an important element and all staff members are enthusiastic field geographers.  Students all enjoy the opportunity to experience geography first-hand and in the field.

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A Level Geography overview