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Year 12 Discontinuing Subject Form

Preparation for the Timetable 2016-17

As you move into Year 13 we expect some of you will discontinue one of your current subjects as you move from AS to A2. This will perhaps leave the majority of students studying four subjects (including general studies). You may appreciate that the subject that you choose to drop will have a bearing on the new timetable.

What we need to know is, if you had to make the decision today, which subject would that be?

We realise that in some cases this will not be an easy choice and that it will depend upon how the next few months go and the outcome of your results in August. However, it is evident looking back over recent years that a high percentage of students do not alter their choice between now and September.

Therefore, in the knowledge that you are making no firm decision we would like you to indicate below the most appropriate reply.

If you find it impossible to make a decision, please speak to your Form Tutor for advice.

Please select one of the following:*

Please click below to submit this form, you will receive a copy to your school email address for your records.