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Keep in touch

We try to stay in touch with all our students who leave us each summer to go on to university, have a gap year or begin their career. We are also working hard to try and get back in touch with old Caldeians who we have unfortunately lost touch with over the years.

We are proud to have played some part in the lives of all of our students and we would be delighted if you would tell us what's been happening in your life since leaving Calday.

Please complete the form below - be assured that we will not share your contact details with anyone. Don't forget to 'submit' the form (at the bottom of this page) when you have completed it, .

We look forward to hearing from you!

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What have you been up to since leaving Calday? You are welcome to submit just a few short sentences or to provide a more detailed message if you wish.

Are you happy for us to share your story on our website?*

Data Protection Act (1998): Under the confines of this act, The Calday Grange Grammar School will use the information provided by you for the school's education, social, administrative and fundraising purposes only. Your personal information can be removed from the mailing list within one month of receiving a written request from you.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUBMIT THE FORM - you will receive a message on screen when your form has been submitted successfully.