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We are delighted to introduce Foil Fencing to Calday Grange Grammar School. 

We would like to welcome Allan Howell and Peter Lloyd to the coaching team at Calday, both of whom  are experienced British Fencing Qualified Coaches and coach at  Wirral Fencing Club.  Calday sports coach Mr Broadhurst has now also joined the team. 

Fencing Club

The fencing club meets on a Friday evening  between 3.45pm - 5.15pm in the school gym. The club aims to give improving fencers the opportunity to develop their fencing technique, skill and fitness. Equipment is provided therefore there is a limit on numbers attending.  Anyone wishing to express an interest in Friday fencing club should speak to Mr Broadhurst.

Year 7 Fencing 

This is a new activity starting in September for those students who wish to experience fencing for the first time. 

The sessions will run during a Tuesday lunchtime in the school gym, students will attend for 5 or 6 weeks during one half term.  Pre booking is essential (see below).

During a half term students will cover

  1. Safety
  2. The stance and body positioning; en-guarde (ready) position
  3. The grip.
  4. Mobility.
  5. Simple hits.
  6. Introduction to the rules of foil fencing.

Course Dates 

Course 1  starts 24th September
Course 2  starts 5th November
Course 3  starts 7th January
Course 4  starts 25th February 
Course 5 starts 22nd April
Course 6 starts 2nd June

Booking Year 7 Fencing 

Pre booking is essential, students should add their name to the list on the wall outside the Community office (opposite D24).  Numbers are limited to 12 fencers for each course, students will be offered a place during the course of the year based on the order of application.  

What to wear

We provide jackets, a foil weapon, masks and gloves.

Please bring trainers for use in the gym.

Bring a drink preferably water to maintain hydration – fencing is a thirsty sport!

Refrain from wearing any hair or skin products to maintain the hygiene of masks.

Note that if glasses are worn they will fit under the mask.