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Enrichment Activities

The importance of enrichment activities at school is well established. The primary goals of enrichment activities focus on the individual student level, the institutional level, and the broader community level. These activities exist to complement the school's academic curriculum and to enhance the student's educational experience. Research clearly shows that almost any type of student involvement in these activities positively affects student learning and development. Enrichment activities provide a setting to become involved and to interact with other students, thus leading to increased learning and enhanced development.

As the development of the well-rounded individual is the main goal of enrichment activities at school, the numerous experiences have a positive impact on the students' emotional, intellectual, social, and inter-personal development. By working together with other individuals, students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict, and lead others. Taking part in these out-of-the-classroom activities helps students to understand the importance of critical thinking skills, time management, and academic and intellectual competence. Involvement in activities helps students mature socially by providing a setting for student interaction, relationship formation, and discussion. Working outside of the classroom with diverse groups of individuals allows for students to gain more self-confidence and appreciation for others' differences and similarities.

Students also develop skills specific to their career path and imperative for future job success. Students have opportunities to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills while also increasing their self-confidence. Enrichment involvement allows students to link academic knowledge with practical experience, which leads to a better understanding of their own abilities, talents, and career goals. Future employers seek individuals with these increased skill levels, making these involved students more attractive in the job market. Specifically, participation in enrichment activities and leadership roles in these activities are positively linked to attainment of one's first job and potential.

We value our ability to offer a broad range of opportunities at Calday and we are only able to do this with your help and support.  Our extensive programme of activity is funded by contributions made to the school enrichment fund. Please click here to learn more about the enrichment fund and how you can make a contribution. Thank you. 

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