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This section contains information for parents and candidates about results release days and further details including each examination level broken down by subject for our most recent public examination results.  We are very proud of these fantastic results; all of which represent a great deal of hard work and determination from our students, staff and parents.

GCE A Level Results - Thursday 13th August 2020

GCSE Results - Thursday 20th August 2020


Results Days 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, A Level and GCSE results this year will be released via Edulink. The information document below covers everything you need to know about how to access results, what to do next, autumn examinations and sixth form registration.

> Results & Sixth Form Registration Process 2020 (v2) - updated 18.08.20

Update – Tuesday 18th August 2020

Following the announcement that students will now receive their centre assessed grades and the abandonment of the algorithm, we have restated our advice about centre assessed grades and your rights of appeal below.

Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

(Extracts from OFQUAL/20/6662 AUGUST 2020)

In April 2020, schools were asked to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade they believed a student would have achieved had they sat their examinations this year.

Schools and colleges took into account the full range of available evidence when they graded students – including non-examined assessment; the results of any homework assignments and mock exams; and any other existing records of student performance over the course of study.

Heads of centre signed a declaration confirming that the centre assessed grades were a true representation of their students’ performance, before checking the data for accuracy, and submitting to the exam board.

Can these Centre Assessed Grades Be Appealed?

Students can ask their school or college to check whether it made a clerical error when submitting the centre assessed grade. If there has been an error, then the school will submit an appeal on the student’s behalf.

Can Students Appeal Against The Centre Assessed Grade?

OFQUAL decided that any appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than the students’ teachers to judge their likely grade if exams had taken place – in the unique circumstances of this summer, they do not believe there is such a person.

Therefore, it is not possible to appeal the grade awarded other than requesting a clerical check.

Claims Of Bias or Discrimination

If students or others have concern about this or any other factor that suggests a centre did not behave with care or integrity when determining the centre assessed grade they should normally raise their concerns with  their centre, in the first instance; or they could take their concerns to the relevant exam board if this was the most appropriate route.  

Should students or parents feel that discrimination or bias has taken place, please complete a complaints form (see link below).  We request that you pay particular attention to the 'details of complaint' section (this is the first section on the form) and provide as much evidence as possible to substantiate your claim.  Please do not fill in this form just because you are unhappy with the Centre Assessed Grades issued.  Your case must focus on discrimination and bias only.  As referenced above, the complaints procedure regarding examination results is relatively limited.  By adopting this approach, the school is adhering to national guidance.

Complaints form 

Any complaint about results should be submitted by Wednesday 9th September.

Autumn Exam Series

Following the publication of centre assessed grades, if a student wants an opportunity to improve their centre assessed grades then they must process a request for an examination entry for that subject in the Autumn 2020 examination series.

What to do now

Students and parents should not approach teachers or other staff of Calday Grange Grammar School directly or by phone or email concerning centre assessed grades.

To discuss results please email and your email will be passed on to the relevant person to call you back.

If you wish to make a request for a clerical check of the centre assessed grade then please follow this link: 

It is likely that we receive several of these requests at both A- Level and GCSE and as such they will be dealt with in strict turn. The outcome of the check will be notified to the person requesting the check by email, once it is complete. Please note that once this check is complete there are no other routes for appeal other than allegations of discrimination or bias. These claims will need to be sent to the school via the official school complaints procedure, which can be found here: 

If you wish to apply for an examination in the Autumn Series of examinations, please follow this link:


Further information

For additional information about results, please visit the JCQ or exam board websites: