This section of the website includes details of the most recent public examination results, examination timetables, as well as showing the performance by Calday Grange Grammar School students in public examinations.  There is also a section of guidance in which examination policies and advice booklets can be found.



Calday Grange Grammar School is a large examination centre. Our students sit a wide range of public examinations from various public examinations boards.  In addition to this, students can also sit specific university entrance examinations and STEP papers.

Examinations are usually conducted in the school hall and gymnasium.  The main examination period usually runs from early May until late June, with results days being the last two weeks in August each year. Results days are usually in the last two weeks of August each year. As well as running and organising public examinations, the team in the Examinations Office are responsible for the construction and running of internal examination timetables. 

In this section you will find useful links to public and school examinations policies.  Also included are published letters to parents concerning the school’s arrangements for examinations, as well as any other useful information regarding public and internal examinations. 

Links to Timetables and to Examination Policies can be found at the top of the page along with information about Examination Performance and Results.

Key Information

The Public Examinations Handbook is a useful document for parents and candidates regarding examinations and can normally answer any queries which you may have about the public examinations. This is issued as a yellow hard copy to students in October/November for the following summer series.

In the May before their public examinations, candidates are also given an examination briefing reminding them of the arrangements for the exams. A copy of the slides will be made available here.

Public Examinations Handbook Summer 2022 (added 01.12.2021)

Key Dates - 2021/22

  • Applications for A-Level resit examinations must be submitted to the Examinations Office in early January. Please contact the Examinations Office for further information.

  • Under normal circumstances, statements of entry are issued to candidates in January and individual examination timetables are issued to candidates in March.

  • Results for the May/June 2022 examinations will be published in August, it is recommended that candidates do not book any holidays over the results days (dates TBC)

  • Please click here to see the results section for information about the collection of results and enquiries about results

Key Contacts

  • Mrs J Brown, Data, Examinations and SIMS Manager

  • Mrs L Evans, Examinations Officer

  • Miss E Nolan, Examinations Administrator

  • Mrs Sarah Colman 


For enquiries email us at



In this section you will find the current timetables for public and internal school examinations.  Prior to each examination season all candidates are issued with their statement of entry which confirms which examinations they have been entered for, an individual examination timetable and their candidate number. All examination clashes are resolved by the Examinations Office when the individual timetables are issued, this is normally around March for the May/June season.

For external examinations, examination board timetables are published in advance of individual and school timetables and can be used for reference until the publication of the school examination timetables. The links to the webpages can be found by clicking on the relevant examination board: AQAOCREdexcel (Pearson) and WJEC. Please note that you will need the correct unit code for the examination in order to find the examination date.



Public Examinations

Qualifications such as GCSE and GCEs are assessed and marked by examination boards that are the awarding bodies for these qualifications. The main examination boards currently used by the school are AQAOCREdexcel (Pearson) and WJEC. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) works on behalf of these examination boards to set common regulations and instructions for schools that enter candidates for general qualifications. The school also now takes some examinations using Cambridge Assessment International Education.

All candidates must observe the rules and regulations for assessments, including written examinations, coursework and NEAs. Information for candidates can be found on the JCQ webpages, and are also included in the school's Student Assessment Handbook below. The handbook also addresses a number of common questions about GCSEs and A Levels at Calday and should be read carefully:

The JCQ webpages also include information on Access Arrangements, Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustments, for more information on these please click here.

School Policy Documents

The school policies are designed to promote quality, consistency, accuracy and fairness in assessment and awarding. In all cases, the final awarding decisions are taken by the Awarding Organisations: AQA; OCR; Edexcel; WJEC and others. This document covers the schools’ policy in dealing with the Awarding Organisations, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), internal departments, officers of the school and any other parties involved in awarding matters.

Coursework, Controlled Assessments and Non-Examination Assessments

Some subjects involve elements of coursework, controlled assessments and non-examination assessments many of which are completed prior to the main examinations in May/June. More information about the subjects can be found by clicking here to view the subject-specific sections of the web pages.

Regulations and guidance on completing these assessments are issued to students in the Student Assessment Handbook.



A Level Results Day - Thursday 18th August

GCSE Results Day - Thursday 25th August


This section contains information for parents and candidates about results release days and further details including each examination level broken down by subject for our most recent public examination results.  We are very proud of these fantastic results; all of which represent a great deal of hard work and determination from our students, staff and parents.

Ofqual Exam results 2022: 10 things to know about GCSE, AS and A level grades: Click here

Arrangements for Results Days

The school will be releasing examination results online via Edulink at 8.00am on results days, therefore students must ensure in advance that they have the correct log in information and will have access on the day. Results will only be visible to student accounts, and not parent/guardian accounts.

Any queries about results or email communications about results must also be done via the student’s school email address, so please also ensure that you have your email address and password available for this. Please note that all results day processes will be done remotely and using online forms which will be monitored throughout the day.

Any logging in or technical issues are to be directed to 

We are pleased this year that we will be able to open the school from 9.00am to 10.00am for students to attend school to celebrate results with friends and teachers. If you need to discuss results and require support however, please follow the process below for contacting the school. 

For GCSE students, the Sixth Form Registration process will also be managed remotely this year, details will be available on the sixth form webpages 

Contacting the school on results days

Senior Leadership Team, Exams Office staff and some teaching and pastoral staff will be available remotely to discuss results with and to offer support where required, to access this support, you will need to submit an online form to request a call back from someone who can help. Please note that not all staff will be available, however we will get your query to the most appropriate person.

Please do not email staff directly, you must use the following contact form to request a call back to discuss your results with the school:

Results Day contact form

Responses to this form will be monitored from 8.00am until 1pm on both A Level and GCSE Results days (18th and 25th August 2022)

After these times, the contact form will be monitored periodically during Monday to Friday, and in most cases we would expect to be able to call you back on the same day for urgent queries. In previous years we have been getting back to students within the hour on results mornings, and sooner where University places have been pending.


How to access results on Edulink

To access your results as confirmed by the exam board, log into Edulink and go to the Examinations tab, this will show your examination entries for Summer 2022 in the first instance, in the top right hand corner of this box, you will need to change from entries to results to see your June 2022 results. 


Post Results Services and Information


If you consider your grade to be too low, you have the right to apply to the awarding body, via the Exams Office, for a review of marking. In some qualifications you can also apply for a copy of your script first. Fees apply for both reviews of marking and access to scripts.

Please see the information below for further details about the post results services available to you and how to apply. This information will be updated before results days.

The Exams Office will not be open for you to visit on Results Days, all queries and processes will be handled online and remotely. To request a call back from the exams team, please follow the instructions above to contact the school.


A Level 

Post Results Letter (to follow in August)

Post Results Application form (to follow in August)



Post Results Letter (to follow in August)

Post Results Application form (to follow in August)




The school will receive your certificates from the Exam Boards around November/December time, we will email your school email address and also publish on the website when they are ready to collect. Any uncollected certificates will be posted home by first class mail in January. If you wish to pay to have them sent recorded delivery, then instructions will be given at the time on how you can do this.

Ofqual Exam results 2022: 10 things to know about GCSE, AS and A level grades: Click here

UCAS Results Confirmation and Clearing 2022

Please click the link for UCAS Confirmation and Clearing 2022: The student journey PDF

Please click the link for UCAS Clearing Website

Further information

For additional information about results, please visit the JCQ or exam board websites:

JCQ: Post-Results Services - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Edexcel: Post-results services | Pearson qualifications

AQA AQA | Exams admin | After results | Post-results services

OCR: Post-results services 

CIE: Enquiries About Results 

WJEC: Unhappy with your results?




GCSE Results 2021

  • 99.3% of all GCSE entries were at grade 4 and above

  • The percentage of entries achieving grade 9 was 14.3% & grades 7-9 was 59.9%

The school also boasts an excellent set of E-Baccalaureate results, with 87.2% of students attaining grades 9 – 4 in the E-bacc subjects. Progress at the school as measured by Progress 8 was 1.44, meaning that on average students almost achieved 1 1/2 grade higher than is expected, compared to their peers nationally.


A Level Results 2021

Results at A Level continue to build on previous years’ results.

  • 99.6% of students gained A*-E grades

  • 45.2% of students gained A*/A grades

  • 28.6% of all students gained A* - B grades