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The study of English is taught in such a way that several aims are covered at a time. For example, the close reading and study of a text can encourage creativity through the production of writing in a variety of forms.  Presentation and oral communication skills are developed through discussion or dramatic role play. 

As an integral part, specific technical skills such as spelling and grammar are also learned.  Specific attention is also paid to the development of personal reading. 

In Year 10 and 11 we concentrate on preparing our students for the compulsory English Language and English Literature examinations, which are based on non-literary and media texts as well as the study of classic plays, poetry and novels. Students are given the opportunity to respond analytically, personally and imaginatively to texts which are studied in class. We also organise a range of theatre trips and productions from outside agencies in school to support students’ understanding of the works they study.

At AS and A level we offer two separate English-based subjects: English Language and English Literature.

  • In English Language, students learn to discuss and analyse the forms and functions of language as well as looking at language in its social context.  Language is investigated in a methodical, scientific way and students study how language is acquired and how language changes.
  • In English Literature students different genres of literature explored and studied. Two novels, for example Never Let Me Go and Frankenstein, relating broadly to a theme; one Shakespeare text, alongside a critical anthology, and another play in either the genre of tragedy or comedy. A selection of post 2000 poetry will be studied as well as examination of a literary movement or poet. Students will also be examined on their ability to analyse unseen poetry and there will be a coursework element which involves comparison of two texts.