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If you have not been successful in obtaining a place for your child at this school and wish to appeal against this decision, you must lodge your intention to appeal by submitting an appeal application form.



Should you wish to appeal for a place at Calday Grange Grammar School, please find below an overview of the appeals process which we hope will help parents decide. Further information is also available click here

Please note that should you wish to appeal following the results of the 11plus tests for entry in September 2022, completed appeals forms will only be accepted after the national allocation day on 1st March 2022.

The appeals will be held in w/c 9th May 2022.   Please note that if you wish to have your appeal heard during w/c 9th May then you must return your form on/before  1st April 2022.  If your form is received after this date there may be a delay in hearing your appeal. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT APPEALS WILL BE HELD ONLINE.

Once you have completed this form it should be returned, along with any supporting documentation, to the school either via email to or to the school addressed for the attention of the Clerk to the Appeals Panel.  Could we please ask parents not to send in originals of any documentation i.e. school reports, certificates etc or to collate documentation into folders or binders as this makes photocopying difficult.

  • The panel will also require up-to-date information from your son’s primary school as to his current academic achievement.  His Headteacher should be happy to provide this without any difficulty.  This document should be included in the documentation submitted.

What happens prior to the appeal meeting?

  • Following receipt of a completed appeals form and documentation, an appointment time will be provided to you in writing at least 10 days before the date.  A written statement which explains why your son has not been allocated a place at Calday will also be included.

  • The Appeals panel will be provided with a full copy of your documentation prior to the appeal hearing so please make every effort to send in any letters or documents that you wish to be considered.  The panel may have insufficient time to consider any evidence submitted late or on the day of the hearing.

  • You are encouraged to attend the hearing in person and may bring someone to support you if you wish.

What happens during the appeal meeting?

  • Appeals are, of course, held in private. The panel will consist of three members who have no connection with the school.  Others present at the hearing but who take no part in the decision making are:-

  • an independent Clerk who is appointed to take notes and advise on procedure

  • a representative of the Governing Body’s Admission Committee who will present the case on behalf of the Governing Body.   Once this representative has presented the Governors case, you will then have an opportunity to ask the Governors’ representative questions. The members of the Panel may also wish to ask him/her questions.

  • The next stage is for you to put your case to the Panel. Once you have presented your case, the Governor’s representative and members of the Panel may ask you questions about the appeal. 

  • The Governor’s representative will sum up his/her case and you will then have the opportunity to sum up your case if you wish to do so.

What happens after the appeal meeting?

  • The Panel will make their decision as soon as possible after all the appeals have been heard.  The decision, which is binding on both the School and the Appellant, will be sent in writing by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel.

  • If you have a complaint about the administration of the appeal hearing, you have the right to contact the Academy Admission Appeal Complaints at the Education Funding Agency.  The EFA cannot review or overturn a decision but will consider a complaint if it is shown that there was a procedural error.

Sixth Form Appeals


Thursday 25th August 2022 (morning)    

Students receive their GCSE results.  If they have not met the required standard, they may wish to make an appointment to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss post-16 progression routes. 

Please be aware that as the Governors are the admissions authority for the school, the Headteacher cannot make the decision to admit a student to the school if they have not met the entry criteria. This can only be done through the Governors' appeals process (see below).


Thursday 25th August 2022 (afternoon)

Appointments with a member of the Senior Leadership Team take place.  Following this meeting, if the student wishes to appeal to the Governors for a place they should complete the Notice of Appeal form below. Once completed, this form should be returned either via email to or by handing it into Reception (please mark the envelope Appeal for Sixth Form).  Please note that the deadline for return of appeal forms is 10.00 am on Tuesday 30th August 2022.




The appeal hearings will take place on Wednesday 31st August 2022 (timings to be confirmed).  Parents/students will receive an email after 2.00 pm on Tuesday 30th August to confirm a time for their appeal. 


Parents/students will receive the outcome from their appeal via email as soon as possible after the appeals are completed.