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When our students finish their studies at Calday Grange Grammar School they automatically become an Old Caldeian and remain part of the Calday community for life – we want Old Caldeians to be an integral part of the future of our school, not just our past.

As we reach out to our Old Caldeians we are excited to find out the different journeys that people have taken since leaving Calday. See our woldwide alumni map below!

If you would like be included on our Where Are They Now page, please complete the form on the Keep In Touch page and share your story. We always enjoy hearing from our Old Caldeians – please do get in touch.

We look forward to offering plenty of opportunities for Old Caldeians to connect with each other, as well as the school and our current students.  You can follow us on Twitter @CGGSAlumni, we also have a dedicated LinkedIn group for our alumni and a Facebook page so you can keep in touch with us and each other.

Old Caldeians are invited to become members of the Old Caldeian Union – please click on the link for further information.

There are thousands of Old Caldeians all over the world and many of them have contacted us to tell us where they live now. Browse our worldwide Alumni map and see if you recognise anyone you went to school with!



Add Yourself to Our Alumni Map!

If you would like to be added to our worldwide interactive alumni map, email us at with your name, the year you left, where you currently live and your current occupation. We will then review your information and add it to the map.

 If you'd like to change or remove any of your information that already appears on the map, please contact us with the information that you'd like changed.