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We warmly welcome students from all areas of the Wirral and also Chester, North Wales, Liverpool and Warrington. Students may join us in Year 7 at the start of the academic year following transfer from their Primary School,  or from Year 11 into our Sixth Form. We also welcome applications for mid-term admissions to the school.


Year 7 admission

Update from local authority on 11 plus

Coronavirus: assessments for selective school admissions – Update for candidates

The Government has now issued guidance on the procedures for carrying out assessments for admission to selective (grammar) schools in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Change to assessment date

Due to this guidance, the assessments for non-Catholic grammar schools which were due to take place on 21st September 2020, will now be moved back into late October. This is intended to enable as many children as possible to get back into the routine of education before the assessments take place, and therefore minimise any disadvantage that may have been caused by the period many children have had to spend away from school.

The test venues will need time to consider how best to organise the arrangements for assessing children, taking into account appropriate protective measures to reflect the COVID-19 guidance, which will be reviewed regularly.   

The dates provisionally under consideration are 22nd or 23rd October 2020. The date and venue for your child’s non-Catholic assessment, and the venue arrangements, will be advised to you at least two weeks before the assessment date. Please note that local or national arrangements related to COVID-19, such as a local lockdown, may further affect the assessment dates or assessment arrangements. 

Applying for secondary schools

Applications for secondary school 2021 open on 1st September 2020 and must be submitted by the closing date of 31st October – this is the national deadline for applications.

Moving back the assessments to late October means that parents will not know whether their child has reached the academic standard required for admission before the 31st October closing date for applications.

Wirral Authority has therefore decided that for entry to secondary school in 2021, Wirral-resident parents will be allowed to give FIVE preferred schools on their application, rather than three. 

This means parents can give up to three selective schools on their application, AND give two non-selective preferred schools. It is recommended that you follow this advice – if your child does not reach the standard for entry to selective school(s), the grammar preference(s) will be withdrawn and the non-selective preferences will automatically move up to become your first and second preferences.

Applicants from other English authorities

If you are resident in England, but outside Wirral, your home authority decides how many schools can be given on an application. We would recommend giving at least one selective school, and at least one non-selective school on your application. Your home authority may treat changes to your application to add or alter preferences after 31st October as a late application. Late applications are only considered after all on-time applicants have been offered places.

As a selective school, entry to Calday Grange Grammar School in Year 7 is through the 11 Plus academic selection process.   Admission arrangements are coordinated by Wirral Local Authority Children’s Services.  For further information regarding admissions to this school, please visit their School Admissions web page or contact them by telephone 0151 606 2000.  

Children will take the 11 Plus test at one of the four Wirral selective schools.

11+ testing arrangements are managed by Wirral LA.

All of the Wirral Grammar Schools have been advised that the test provider for September 2020 and September 2021 will be GL Assessment. This is a change from the previous test provider which was CEM.   Please click here to access letter from Wirral Local Authority regarding this change.

GL assessment have readily available familiarisation materials which can be accessed below.

Please find below a link to familiarisation material that is specific to the Wirral test.  This information includes examples of the types of questions that may be asked and an example of the sheet for recording answers.

Wirral LA Familiarisation leaflet

Any queries relating to the 11+ testing arrangements should be directed to Wirral LA School Admissions team.


Mid-Term admission

Joining from another school can be hard, especially if a student is joining us part way through their education. Whether it be into Year 8, Year 9 or into the Sixth Form, at Calday we do everything we can to ensure that the transition is smooth and academic progress is sustained.

Students moving into the area mid-term who are interested in joining Calday should contact Wirral LA in the first instance. At Calday Grange Grammar School we offer ‘out of round’ testing for admission during the school year. Students currently placed in local secondary schools can apply for places in other year groups but must first be successful in gaining the entry requirements as set out in the Admissions Policy. This involves a computer based verbal reasoning test along with a non-verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning test. The tests are used to indicate if a student has met the entry standard. For further information please contact the school.

Please click here to access further information regarding out of round testing.


Applying from outside Wirral?

If you are applying from outside Wirral, you will need to follow the admissions process for your local authority. You will need to return a “Test Request” form to Wirral Local Authority. This form can be obtained from the Wirral Local Authority. The purpose of this form is to let Wirral Local Authority know how many test papers need to be ordered. You will need to place Calday Grange Grammar School as a preference on your home LA admissions form.

If applying from an address in Cheshire or Liverpool you should obtain your preference form from your son’s primary school or your own Local Authority.

If you are applying from an address in Wales you will need to complete the Wirral Local Authority form.

The school provides 11 Plus familiarisation for potential Year 7 students. More information about this can be found by clicking here.


Sixth Form admission

We are proud to have a thriving and lively mixed Sixth Form at Calday offering a wide range of subjects and enrichment and we welcome external students who did not study at Calday in Years 7 to 11. Calday has a mixed Sixth Form and currently offers 27 subjects at A Level.  It is a large Sixth Form and a benefit of its size is that most of the subject combinations that students hope for can be achieved.

Entry requirements can be found in our Admissions Policy here.


  • If you are interested in joining us in the Sixth Form, we ask that you complete an application form. This enables us to keep in touch with you throughout the application process.
  • Prospective Year 12 students are then required to register with us on GCSE results day in August with proof of their GCSE achievements.  

If you have an enquiry about admission to Calday you should contact a member of the Sixth Form team who will be able to direct you. Find out more about life in the Sixth Form at Calday here.